DIY Project! IKEA Make Up Storage Drawers

Hi guys!

Today's post is a little different from my usual but as part of my moving process I have been doing some DIY and wanted to share it with you - an easy way to upcycle some old furniture and create some brand-spanking new make up storage!

I have had these IKEA miniature drawers since I was much younger and recently collected them from my parents' house to bring to the new flat and give them a new lease of life! They still stock similar drawers in IKEA so if you get inspired then check them out here. You'll also need some white paint, a roll of masking tape, paint brushes and then colours of your choice.

My plan was to create a simple pattern using pastel pink & grey all on white - I want to say Scandinavian style, but that could just be wishful thinking! Painting them all white has given them a much cleaner look and I love the colours and triangle/chevron pattern.

The white took two layers to cover evenly and then I used masking tape to create clean lines for the coloured triangles. I started out with a random pattern then decided to paint three different layouts, each on two drawers so that there was some uniformity.

Brushes were leaving some streaky marks for the colours, so I switched to cutting up a washing up sponge and dabbing the paint on with that instead which worked a treat!

I am using these drawers to tidy up my bathroom work surface and store make up, moisturisers and hair accessories. They would also be perfect in an office space or to store jewelry, nail varnishes or anything else you can think of!

Are you a fan of this quick and effective DIY project? Do you like these kind of posts? Would love to hear from you here or on Twitter!


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