Let's see how this goes...

Ok. So. Hi. Blog number one and I guess that means a little introduction. The Jam Diaries is a place for us (him, Josh, and me, Mari) to plonk thoughts and pictures and words for nostalgia and brain-emptying sake. Life is fast and it's easy to forget all the little things that get lost in the big job/house/busybusybusy jumble. And things are getting exciting for us too, J graduates this summer and will officially be a doctor-medicine-man and I am in the first year of an awesome grad scheme in the food industry AND in the not too distant future we will finally get to be happy little companions in our first humble abode.

Nobody knows how often this blog will get updated, for now we'll just say when the mood takes us. But if you're following along then welcome and thank you and Ireallyhopewedon'tboreyoutoomuch.


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