We are alive still! J is now done with exams and I have had a crazy couple of weeks with work but we are now back on the blog and excited for SUMMER! To fill you in:

  • M went to Germany to see the people she lived with AND then gallivanted off to Venice for four days whilst living in boring hotels for work in between
  • J sat five nasty exams and fingers crossed is now only days away from being a fully qualified stethoscope-wearing, blood pressure-taking Dr! 

We have lots of exciting things coming up in the next few weeks too like a grad ball weekend, family parties and then in July a HOLIBOBS to Morocco (soexcitedtoswimanddrinkcocktailsandrelaxinthesun). 

J wants to update on part 2 of medical elective story too so expect that soon along with maybe some taunting photos of Venetian canals and prosecco from M (nothing like rubbing it in...!)

Blogger has informed me we have Russian robots viewing our blog (argh!) so if you happen to be a real life human being reading this would be awesome if you could let us know in the comments thank youuu! 


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