Posh Fishcakes with a Teacup of Salsa

Next week J starts his first ever job as an actual doctor - hello milestone! He has moved into a gorgeous Victorian-style flat in preparation and I am visiting this weekend for the very first time. To celebrate, we not only had delicious champagne but also cooked up some posh fish cakes with a yummy, zesty salsa for dinner. The recipe is based on a meal from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals but for those without the book below is how it's done! In future we would maybe use a less 'fishy' fish (not a fan of fish tasting like fish - someone must know what I mean!), and also make them thinner so that the outer crust is a bit thicker and crunchier. The salsa is particularly amazing (nothing to do with it being the bit I made, honest...).

To make the fishcakes, you'll need salmon, haddock or other white fish (we used basa which I think also contributed to be fishiness), tuna, breadcrumbs, parsley, lemon zest and salt and pepper.

If you are making your own breadcrumbs then get your crusts chopped and whizz them up finely in a blender. Empty onto a plate then put the fish, parsley, salt and pepper and lemon zest in a food processor and blend to a paste. 

Fishiest picture ever?!
Take out and divide into four balls and then flatten into patties. Lay them on your plate of breadcrumbs and then flip over so that both sides are coated.

Heat up some olive oil in a pan and then gently lay down your fishcakes to start cooking.

Now it's salsa time! For the salsa, you'll need tomatoes (the more colours the better!), red chilli, limes, basil, spring onions, cucumber and a swig of vinegar of some sort (it said white wine vinegar, we used cider vinegar and it worked out fine)... 

A little OCD - me?!
Put everything except the limes, basil and cucumber in a blender and whizz up until teeny. Finely dice the cucumber and chop up some basil leaves and add to the mix. Lastly, squeeze in the juice of half a lime or so - this literally makes the salsa.

When the fishcakes are looking nice and brown and crispy on the bottom, flip over in the pan. This is a great time to pour champagne/wine into glasses, FYI. Probably got some time to take a few sips too, before they're ready.

Once cooked on both sides, serve up! We ate them with peashoots and covered in the salsa. Light, summer meal and so easy with a food processor.

Voila - fresh and delicious!
Enjoy and let us know how you get on - any alternative (less FISHY!) fishcakes recipes you can suggest?


P.S. Life is not all great tasting salsa and fishcakes....I have been wanting to make cinnamon rolls since FOREVER and finally got my act together making dough last night and then rolling, proving and baking this morning. They looked amazing and squishy and delicious. They tasted like yeasty beer. SO disappointed! All that effort for a nasty aftertaste. When I have got over the misery, I will attempt again and feed back....

Looks can be deceiving, as it turns out...


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