Nail Rock Glitter Nail Art Set - Christmas Sparkle!

Hi guys!

In my December Birchbox, I received a full size Nail Rock Glitter Nail Art Set in Red and delighted in the Christmassy sparkle. I am now home for the holidays (yippee!) so spent last night trying it out. I am no nail artist but this is fairly easy although public service warning - prepare for some glitteriness messiness!

I am loving this product for festive glam - to make it last longer I put a couple of layers of top coat varnish on top of the glitter layer, fingers crossed it lasts me until the big day!

First layer complete! It dries with a matte finish so not sure how much I'll use the colour without glitter..

You can either go for the accent nail...
Or go the whole hog! (I told you it got messy!)

Festive sparkle

Hope you enjoyed this quick little post - have a relaxing Sunday!

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