This Bank Holiday weekend we've done some experimenting in the kitchen! J is big into Italian cooking at the moment (it's tough, supporting him with his hobbies...) and next up to try out was gnocchi. I have had one experience of making gnocchi before, which resulted in a saucepan full of watery bits of mashed potato and a frozen pizza saving the day. So it's safe to say I was sceptical but he pulled it off!

Rough process:
  1. Dice, boil and mash some potatoes
  2. Add in plain flour and an egg, mix together in bowl.
  3. Knead (this bit got a tad messy - have plenty of flour at the ready) then wrap in cling film and either pop in the fridge or use straight away.
  4. Take a small-ish piece of the dough (small handful) and roll into a long sausage, then using a knife cut into gnocchi around 2cm wide. Press slightly with a fork.
  5. Get a pan of water on a rolling boil then drop in a batch of your gnocchi (best not to chuck it all in at once).
  6. As soon as the gnocchi starts floating at the surface, you're ready to scoop it out. 
Serve and enjoy straight away - we had ours with a simple, rich tomato, basil and chilli sauce with a sprinkle of parmesan and a token sprig of photogenic basil. 

Not necessarily a 20-minute meal but worth a shot and a tasty change from pasta! Hoping to get back on my blogging game soon (have you seen the new banner header and pages buttons? I'm so proud of my incredibly basic IT skills!). 


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