The Garden of Peaden (Dinner with JAM).

For tonight's dinner we turned to Jamie's 15 Minute Meals and cooked up the The Best Fish Baps with Mushy Peas & Tartare Sauce. And these might well be the best too...

They were crispy and yet light and full of flavour, although we would add more chilli to the fish next time to give it a bit more kick. The peas are incredible

To make the fish baps, peas and tartare sauce you'll need the following:

 (Plus frozen peas, a medium potato, chilli/paprika/cayenne pepper/whateveryoulikereally, plain flour and a little olive oil. Oh, and parmesan. And lettuce.)

Season the fish with salt, pepper and the cayenne pepper or other chosen spice and then roll both sides in the plain flour. In the meantime, slice up the potato thinly and get on the boil in a saucepan. Whizz up some natural yoghurt, capers, cornichons and lettuce and season (hello homemade tartare sauce). 

The lettuce is supposed to be little gem [andprobablyshouldbe], our green leaves were pretty strong tasting...

Heat up a couple  of tablespoons of olive oil in a large frying pan and then lay the fish down. It should bubble and sound yum... When golden and crispy turn over and put some grated parmesan on top of the cooked side. At this point, add a good handful of frozen peas to the potatoes and also the leafy tops of some fresh mint. 

Slice your baps in half and slather on some of your tartare sauce.

Drain the peas, potatoes and mint and then whizz up (if you're like us and like chunky mushy peas then obviously don't go too crazy on the whizzing).. By this point, the fish should be fully cooked and delicious. 

Add your fish to the baps and then layer some cress on top before putting your burger lid on! Mushy peas can be added either in a splodge, or attempt to make into a chef-style smudge if you feel you're up to it. We weren't, as it turns out. Which leads me to my own name for this dish: The Garden of Peaden.


Failed smudge becomes Garden of Peaden

Hope you enjoy this as much as we did, definitely doesn't take 15 minutes (more like 25) but still easy, tasty and not too heavy either. 

Let us know if you've tried more of Jamie's 15 Minute Meals and can recommend any please!


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