They SHALL go to the ball.......! Med School Graduation

He's only gone and done it!!

J is officially, 100%, complettamundo a DOCTOR. We are both over the moon and I am super proud. 6 years of stress and long hours and library visits and ward rounds and blood pressures and and and...

So last weekend we both went to a ball! J's medical school arrange a whole weekend in a luxury country hotel (this one was pretty impressive). You pay a fee and then food, drinks, activities etc are all included. And they were good.

We arrived on the Friday to a bottle of prosecco and goodie bags in the room and then started getting ready for the 1920s themed evening. Cue braces and trilby hats and feathers and headbands!

The evening was really well organised - a BBQ with Pimms and then inside for casino tables with fake money and dancing. Everyone had also gone to lots of effort which was a relief - avoided that AWFUL feeling of having tried way too hard on fancy dress and then looking ridiculous #phew. Anyway we had a LOVELY time and danced the night away (ouchmyfeetandthisisonlythefirstnight).

The next morning everyone got up feeling slightly worse for wear - this weekend proved to be concrete evidence for the effectiveness of Hair Of Dog. The mood lightened considerably though when we saw the BOUNCY CASTLE MEN TURN UP! And this was also no ordinary bouncy castle. We are talking inflatable assault course! After an initial setback - thefirstpersonwentonwearingshoesandpiercedit - we shedded the shoes and socks and got involved. J got far too competitive and raced friends resulting in sorry looking friction burns for days afterwards...

After lunch the official sporting events began. We were split into teams to compete in old school sports day events - egg and spoon, sack race, obstacle course, sprint, wheelbarrow race etc! Competition was fierce and the results were so tight we were faced with a tiebreaker (Blues - M, versus Orange - J). The race officials proposed sprint deciders BUT THE ORANGE TEAM COULDN'T DEAL WITH OUR SPEED #guesswhoswritingthisMnotJ...! They were intimidated so change of final race to an obstacle course had to happen. Which the Orange team won. BOO. We'll take the moral victory on this one though Team Blue...

Impressive attempts at the wheelbarrow race from all involved!

Just as we were starting to feel slightly less full after breakfast and lunch, they served up afternoon tea on the lawn (Hello Downton Abbey!). Scones and cakes and tea and coffee consumed then it was time to get ready for the ball!

We went back down to the lawns for champagne and canapes (I still feel full days later) and it was amazing seeing everyone in their tuxedos/dresses! I opted for a recyclable dress for other occasions rather than a full on princess dress which was a long term good decision but I had Cinderella-dress-envy on the night.

After [lots of] photos we headed inside again to a beautifully decorated room with table and name labels and twinkly nights (and wine on the table and £8000 behind the bar - hello!). We then sat down to a four-course dinner which was yumbo jumbo. At this point, drinks began being drunk and drinking was drunk and merriness was ALL around! There was even a photobooth plus accessories for drunken photomoments too...

Lots of fun and dancing and then crashing out in bed. We were very sad to leave the next day and get back to normal lives without castles and Rapunzel windows and dresses and suits and champagne but it was awesome to be able to do it all the same.


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