Saturday Style Sessions - Popped to the Shops

Hi guys! My first week of the new role is COMPLETE! Steep learning curve but it's fun so far. I have to wear lots of trousers though and horrible safety shoes and no jewellery and I feel unlady-like eurgh. Luckily, that means one thing: shopping is required! This weekend I came up to Leicester to see J and we went out searching for tops that would look nice with work trousers and also general basics. We were only semi-successful but below are my finds! It's definitely turning autumnal here now but today was just about warm enough to still go out without a coat or jacket (alsowewereinsideallday...). I am still loving this bargain top from Jaeger and have worn it so much already.

Top from Jaeger, Gap Premium Skinny Jeans, trusty Converse, necklace from Accessorize and DKNY dream bag.

I did a H&M haul of basics, including a couple of Breton stripe t-shirts (staple for me!) and also a lovely 3/4 length sleeve knitted jacket which will be perfect over a top for evenings out etc or weekend outfits.
Photo copyright the H&M website!

This is soft and cosy and yet formal enough when on.

My only other success (sob!) was from New Look. I usually have problems with peplum tops which is such a shame because I think they are feminine and great for accentuating waists etcetcetc. Anyway, I grabbed one in New Look and tried it on and the waist is (just about) in the right place and I love the print so I went for it. This will definitely make my gross work trousers look more girly and enable me to look less like a sack of potatoes so I'm excited to wear it. I think it'll also be cute with black jeans for daytime/evening with gold jewellery.

I also had a meltdown in Zara when I fell in love with this coat and yet couldn't justify buying it. I need to decide if it's too furry (although SO soft and cosy) but am so tempted... Thoughts please!!!
£79.99 - again copyright Zara website!
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend - we are attempting homemade pizza tonight so you may see a delicious foodie post coming your way in the next couple of days!


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