Exploring Adventures at the Seaside

I spent my first day living by the seaside exploring. I should have been unpacking. But it will only be sunny for so many days now that we are heading into winter so I gave myself consent to forget the bags and boxes still stacked up in my room and to head out and see where I ended up. So that's what I did. I drove a little bit and then saw a sign saying 'Beaches', so that's where I headed. And quite a beach it was.

I have known I am moving down to the coast for a while and yet only today, with my feet in the sand and the noise of the waves, did I realise that I'm pretty lucky really, to have been forced to come and live in such a beautiful part of the country.
Until now, the change has been mainly associated with the stress of moving (see yesterday's post..!), a new job and being far away from J for 6 months (sob!) but when I was sat on the rocks watching the sea this afternoon it hit me, that people kill to live by the beach and walk in the sand and listen to the waves and watch the sea andandand....Lucky Mari.

I think I am proud of this photo. I like the movement. And I feel like it somehow looks as noisy as it was.
Looking all along the coastline

After my beach epiphany, I wandered across the street and found a café which made me feel like I was in New Zealand, or how I imagined living in New Zealand could be, were I ever to live there at any point. We visited and fell in love and have this dream of living there for a year and spending Sunday mornings walking along beaches and then enjoying coffee and breakfast in cool, surfy, stylish cafés. Just like this one. But that's a whole other story. I perused the delicious sounding menu and went for a strawberry, banana, peach and papaya real fruit smoothie with a slice of carrot cake. I adore the current 'trend' for serving drinks in jam jars. Especially the jam jars with handles - retro-chic?! The carrot cake was also amazing, and I can't wait to go back and try more of the breakfast menu with J sometime.


Love love love the style of this whole place. The wood, industrial bar chairs, even brown paper menus make it all come together. Also - this clock? Amazing.
Make Lemonade

Also - ANYWHERE that includes Nutella in its selection of condiments on the tables? A new favourite for me!!

I spy the greatest chocolate-hazelnut spread ever..!

I'm excited to explore more on my weekends and even to wrapping up cosy in the winter and walking on the beach then devouring coffee and pancakes in that café again and again.


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