Saturday Style Sessions - Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise.

Hi guys! Today's Saturday Style Session is inspired by the fact that this week in the UK, the temperature plummeted and we were all immediately reminded that winter is on its way, and with that comes not only coats, scarves and chai lattes but also moisturising. Big time.

Sunny holidays & UV rays excluded, I tend to find that winter does a lot more daily damage to my skin than summer. The cold and wind dries out my face and I get cracks in the corner of my mouth. To prevent this nastiness, I thought I'd let you know the top 5 things I look for in my face creams and which I use and love.

1. So, first things first, I remember my mum telling me several years ago that I should wear SPF every day of the year. The sun still shines in winter (sometimes!) and we need to protect ourselves from UV rays even when the sun is too far away for us to feel its warmth.

2. I like a rich moisturiser but hate hate hate grease. It needs to be easy to rub in but feel like it's hydrating for longer than 5 minutes.

3. I am a sensitive soul - well, I have sensitive skin, anyway so a moisturiser needs to be gentle and not full of nasties.

4. I don't want the smell of banana, mango, rose or any other strong, synthetic, overpowering odour to emanate from my face. Fragrance-free or at least a vague whiff only please!

5. Glass jars are heavy. I travel with work and also pleasure and prefer lugging around as little as possible! Ideally, tubes or plastic tubs suit me better.

My day cream of choice - Olay

For the last year or so I have been using Olay Anti-Wrinkle Sensitive Skin SPF15 Day Cream for All Ages. It pretty much does what it says on the tin. It's smooth, rubs in great and leaves no greasy layer. My face feels hydrated all day and I like knowing I'm protecting myself from the sun too. It's one of the cheapest Olay moisturisers and can be found in all the main supermarkets and chemists/drugstores too. I'm a big fan and if you are looking for something similar then I'd definitely recommend it. The bonus anti-wrinkle for all ages makes me feel like it's not stuffed with weird scientific things to iron me out but may be contributing to me not being wrinkly too early?! Who knows, but I'll take it for now! (Realise this sounds like it's an Olay sponsored post - it's not, I promise!).

The night cream edition!

I also use the Nivea Daily Essentials Regenerating Night Cream which is a thicker formula so takes a little longer to rub in, but I can really feel the benefit in the morning when my face feels soft and smooth and lovely! I would probably look to use a Nivea cream in the daytime too but find it really disappointing that almost of their lower-end range has no SPF? The same seems to be the case with Garnier - I find they tend to add the SPF in to the more expensive, anti-wrinkle, older lady varieties which is a total shame.

Anyway, I need to get on and blitz this flat - need to fully clean, touch up walls & empty the place (I'm spending next week sleeping on a yoga mat in a sleeping bag, with a microwave and beanbag and some ready meals in the flat for company - jealous..??). Wish me luck! Would love to hear which moisturisers you are going to be using this winter and why, thank you!


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