Clean Eating - SOUP!

Hi guys!

I mentioned in Saturday's post that I wanted to try eating 'cleanly' this week (after too many sweets, fizzy drinks and rich foods on training all of last week!). So yesterday I plodded off to the supermarket and bought [whatfeltlike] the whole vegetable aisle in the supermarket ready for fresh, tasty goodness for the next few days.

Today's kick off menu started with Cheerios (a flying start...! But I need cereal to start the day well. Fruit is not enough). I had a banana mid-morning and some Twinings Pineapple and Grapefruit Green Tea (which I'm LOVING) and then for lunch had two hard boiled eggs, three Original Ryvita crispbreads anddd a massive Tupperware box of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and carrots. This isn't too different from a normal lunch for me - I tend to always have a pile of veg with whatever I'm eating and actually love it. To satisfy the (major) sweet tooth, I had a low fat cherry yogurt and then mid afternoon I gobbled an apple.

This evening I got my Jamie on and whipped up a GOOD, CLEAN, GREEN soup. Onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, courgette and broccoli all whizzed together with bucket loads of cumin. My first soup of the autumn and I'll have PLENTY to eat later this week of freeze for lunches.

I even cheffed it up with creme fraiche and black pepper!

Also - seriously - the next Picasso?! Can you see the creme fraiche man??!

I did have toast with the soup, which I guess isn't technically 'clean' (?) butttt I'm pretty pleased with my efforts on Day 1!

Hope your Monday was a Funday, JAM x

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