Saturday Style Sessions - Seaside and House Hunting!

Firstly apologies for the slight delay in getting this blogpost live - have been travelling around the UK because I'M MOVING HOUSE - ARGH! I am off to work for six months on the south coast, by the seaside! I have therefore been visiting this weekend with J to find somewhere to call home from end Sept to beginning April. Had I had lots and lots of money, I would ideally have found a one bed flat right by the beach and in town etc BUT I do not have said money so have settled for a really nice, clean and modern shared house with other 'professionals' (baha I'm professional..?!). Once we had found a room for me we then got to work having a little holiday by the seaside! We stayed overnight last night and then drove back this morning. Outfit of the day plus other sunny, beachy holiday snaps for you below - no photos from today because it was CHUCKING it down so we just hit the road. Such a shame I'm moving down for the freezing winter months but I'm still romantically believing I'll be able to take strolls along the beach on crisp, clear days (we'll see whether this materialises...!).

Black jeans from Tesco (as before - DON'T judge!) , top from Warehouse, black cardigan and jersey snood from Gap. Clutch because we went straight out to dinner from the beach!
Beautiful beach huts along the promenade - they go through every colour of the rainbow and look like a big Dulux paint palette. SO pretty.
Fun on the beach - it looks so empty! I like the shadow :)
More fun on the beach - my gymnastics days coming in handy! Check out the foreground too...!
I would like a beach hut please. Mint green would be lovely. Not picky though...
Felt properly like the seaside, there was a fun fair! Amazing light in the evening too.
Looking across to the pier.
And looking in the other direction. The coast seems to go on forever. 

Hope you all had great weekends - it's strange how even if you aren't a teacher/pupil, September still has the feeling of 'back to school', preparing for changes and also a time to start new things afresh. I am going to try and eat CLEAN foods this week, focusing on lots of fresh fruit and veg, homemade soups and fruit/green teas. Will let you know how I get on...!


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