Saturday STRESS Sessions - No Style, Just Stress.

Hi guys!

Today I officially moved house. And it was the Day From Hell. I was a hot, sweaty mess all day from cleaning, packing, loading the car, driving in a boiling hot car that doesn't have air conditioning and then unloading a car. Oh and I made a CRACKING first impression with my new housemate by locking myself outside with my phone, keys, handbag all inside, then having to bang on the doors and windows like a maniac until he heard and came to see which particular axe murderer was trying to get in to see my panic-stricken red face mumbling words like "So sorry", "You must think I'm a madwoman", "Thanksthanksthanks". His comment - "Yeh you need to have your keys on you". How To Make Friends with Your Flatmates #101: FAIL.

So anyway. What I'm trying to say is that today there was sadly no style in my life whatsoever but I have at least accomplished a successful move on my own involving a 200 mile drive, and to my amazement, also fitted all most of my life possessions in a Toyota Yaris (the old version, with the teeny boot).

I am completely exhausted and my room looks like a disaster zone so will leave it at that for now - hopefully I can make up for my sorry excuse for a blog post as soooon as possible!

Thanks for reading! JAM x

p.s. If I don't write beforehand, on Monday I officially embark on my life for the next 6 months in a food manufacturing environment, wearing a hairnet and steel-capped boots and maybe even a high-vis jacket and hard hat. We might be entering whole new meanings for the word 'style'!

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