Saturday Style Sessions - DIY and Nails (both types..)!

Hi guys!

This weekend I have the pleasure of sorting ALL my furniture, clothes, kitchen equipment and general bits out to start getting ready for moving out of the flat. We are taking things off walls, Polyfilla-ing in the holes, painting over the top, taking beds apart - you name it! OOTD therefore is not very glam but does feature the amazing leggings I got the other week from Gap (which are proving to be as comfy, warm and awesome as I had hoped).

Pink shirt from H&M, black vest top also from H&M, the leggings from Gap and Converse trainers! Also rocking the Revlon Balm Stain again.
All the gear, no idea.

Wanted to update you on the nails too - the Shellac stayed a total of 13 DAYS! I am pretty impressed with that - much better lasting than I thought they'd be and even on the day I got them taken off the main issue was just they had grown out, rather than peeled off my nail/majorly chipped etc. I did end up with one pretty handsome chip but only for the last day before I had them off so no big deal.

Ugly chip in the middle there but it was still lovely and shiny!

The lady who did them charges £8 to have them removed, but if you book any other treatment with her then you get them off for free. When I noticed that for £10 I could have a file and polish AND have the Shellac taken off, I [obviously!] booked an appointment! So the other night I popped off to have it all done. Turns out, Shellac can actually be a total nightmare to get off and it did seem to leave my nails in a pretty nasty state. Will probably not have it done again - I have had Bio Sculpture Gel before and that seemed much less potent stuff. Once she had scraped (and scraped, and scraped) it all off, I got to choose my colour for the polish. She uses Vinylux which is a non-UV polish made by the same company as Shellac and claims to last longer by involving polymers and sticking to the nail etc etc blah blah. I randomly chose a baby blue colour (I think I panicked in the moment - it's a slightly strange colour for nails!). Not ideal, within less than 24 hours I had a chip but I think it was a piece of my nail that had flaked off and taken the colour with it. Long story short, I now have blue nails which have several unattractive chips in and need industrial-strength nail varnish remover to take off!

Still not sure about the colour - what came over me?! It's... 'FUN'...!

I loved having my nails done but am looking forward to giving them a bit of a rest and recovery period to get over their ordeal with the orange stick..!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

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