Breakfast for Dinner

Tonight the flat is empty. I have a beanbag to sit on. No table or chairs or bed or sofa or ANYTHING. This week is going to interesting to say the least! Anyway, I am also on a using-up-the-food mission before I go and tonight was inspired by a phenomenon which I'm sure is an American thing - Breakfast for Dinner.

What's the phrase - "it's all in the presentation"??!! It looks horrendous, I'm not proud.
I have read various tweets, read blogs and watched vlogs of people across the pond cooking up eggs and bacon and sausages and waffles in the evening and when I looked in the freezer and found some veggie sausages that needed eating, along with eggs in the fridge and wholemeal English muffins in the cupboard, I knew it was my time to experience this concept!

These sausages are really good - basil and tomato flavours but not overwhelming. Good texture too, not soggy!

Eggs. In a box. Always pleasing to me.

Tesco had no non-wholemeal so I grabbed these but they're great so I won't be going back to white!

I fried my eggs, grilled my sausages and toasted the muffins and served it all with an ever-classy dollop sprayed squirtallovertheplace of ketchup.

And the results? Pretty blooming marvellous. 

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