Coastal Castle Adventure - Corfe, Swanage & A Ferry!

Hi guys! As you know, I have moved down to the south coast of the UK for 6 months with work and not long ago, J & I went exploring my new surroundings! Our journey started in pretty exciting fashion - we caught a ferry! It wasn't entirely intended, we thought we were headed around the coastline but then ended up being directed by the satnav to a little ferry port instead where we (obviously) decided to go for it and hop on the boat, car and all! Sadly, the trip was over as quickly as it began, we had just clambered out of the car onto the deck with cameras ahoy when the boat started to slow down and we had to jump back in and drive off - fun all the same!

The drive over to Corfe from Shell Bay is a stunning one, rolling hills and heathland as far as the eye can see and then coastline and white sand around every corner - can definitely see why this is a popular tourist spot. When we got there, we parked and then trekked up about 20 minutes to the town (village?) of Corfe. Met a nice sheep on our way. 

Such 'Englishness' - Corfe Town.
The ruins are pretty spectacular the whole walk up so after a quick look around Corfe and one of the worst lunches I have had in a pub ever (awful awful awful!), we paid our National Trust entry fee and entered the castle! The child in me took over and I played with the medieval dress up and masks straight away (J pretended not to be with me - sorrynotsorry). We then explored the various towers, rooms and arrowslits (new word alert! Wikipedia even references the very arrowslit we saw...!) of days gone by. The view from the top of the castle was mp

This wood + sky + rope just appealed to me too much to not take a photograph.

When we were medieval castled-out, we headed back and drove via Swanage, another town nearby where we had afternoon tea and a quick wander along the beach. It feels so nice living by the sea, but so disappointing that as soon as the weather becomes good enough for sunbathing and surfing lessons, I'll be finished here and heading back to head office!

All in all, we had a LOVELY day on our exploring adventure, who knows where we'll try out next!

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