2014 To Do List - That Stereotypical New Year's Resolutions Post


I'm late to this party, but going back to work etc etc got in the way. Still, I wanted to write a post about my plans for this new year and share them with you. Disclaimer: I will not be doing anything drastic. Don't get your hopes up for world-changing, lose 5 stone, drink a juice every single day type proclamations. But these are things I want to do, and 2014 seems a pretty good year to give them a go.
1. Run a 10k race. Nothing spectacular, but an incentive to run, properly, despite my not-entirely-natural ability.

2. Make a Battenberg cake.

3. Improve, develop and grow this here blog (this one may need support from you guys - please please send any suggestions for improvement/preferences on post topics/and comment and share if you enjoy reading, thank you!)

4. Make good use of my new camera - take up opportunities and practice editing them nicely too.

5. This year will also be an exciting one for me and J - we will, after 5 and a half years of courtship (!), finally MOVE IN TOGETHER! I can't wait to create our first little home, and this year I hope to get some DIY and crafty activities under my belt to decorate Pinterest-style on a budget.

That pretty much sums it up - like I said, nothing crazy but just a few things which I look forward to completing.

Bring it on!

Would love to hear what your resolutions for this year are, and happy to cheer on in times of need throughout 2014!


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