Top 5 Skiing Skincare Saviours

Hi guys!

I wanted to share my top 5 skincare saviours for skiing/snowboarding/other cold weather activities and show the products I've been using during my lovely ski holiday in the French Alps. Being 2000 metres above sea level and in minus 7 degrees is not skin-friendly. Instead it's dry, flaky skin, chapped lips, sunburn, and the odd mascara panda-eye from a wet, snowy faceplant - eek! These are therefore my top suggestions for fighting the freeze!

1. Firstly, a high SPF factor sun cream for your face for the strong sun and UV rays that reflect off the snow. I used Garnier Ambre Solaire Sheer Protect SPF30 and like the fact that it's not greasy, rubs in well and doesn't leave that nasty white layer of grime that a lot of the so-called 'winter sun' creams do.

2. Next up is the best lip balm in the world. Kiehl's #1 is a bit pricier than average at £9.50 a tube (much cheaper in the US so I stocked up in New York!) but easily outplays Vaseline, Nivea etc on the moisturising front. You only need a tiny amount and it spreads far. It also has SPF4 to protect your lips on the slopes. Only downside is you do have to remove the cosy skiing gloves to apply it...!

3. For my hands and body, I have absolutely loved the Laura Mercier Body Soufflé sample that I received in my BirchBox in December. It's so smooth, rich and smells amazing - my dream moisturiser (just a shame about the price tag!)

4. Skiing is not a glamorous sport, but I still tend to want to put just a layer of mascara on to hit the slopes. However, whether it's from tumbling down in powder or sweating it out on a challenging black run, skiing carries a high risk of causing the grossly unattractive panda-eyes. To combat this, ALWAYS use a waterproof mascara! I grabbed a drugstore bargain before coming which was the Collection 2000 Longer Lash Waterproof mascara and truth be told, I wouldn't recommend it (didn't love the wand, it was claggy and clumped my eyelashes together), but this is a crucial beauty item to pack nonetheless!

5. Last but by no means least, you need a super-rich face cream. I used L'Oreal Triple Active Day cream and strongly recommend it for its amazing moisturising properties. Not 100% on the fragrance (a little talc/old lady scent!) but felt so so rich on my face which was suffering hugely from the dry air and altitude. Not my usual moisturiser but think I'm a convert, especially for the winter months. 

At Aiguille Rouge, 3226m above sea level and with stunning views of Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in Europe. Pretty special little spot.
So that's my list - top 5 skincare saviours for skiing and or cold weather. Hope you enjoyed it and it helps anyone else who is hitting the mountains, let me know what your top tips and products are!


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