A Very British Sunday - 7/4/13

I went up to stay in Leeds with J for the last time before his nasty exams (arghtheystartinthirteendaysandthenheisprettymucharealdoctor!!). Britain is finally starting to see some sunshine and daylight and we got lucky with a gorgeous weekend. We had a lovely Saturday shopping and drinking cider in the sunshine and then spent Sunday being quintessentially (the word itself is somehow very British?!) British. We drove just outside Leeds and visited a vast, lovely park with walkways and forest bits and a lake with ducks and then had lunch at a pub nearby (I even had fish and chips..).

Blankets of crocuses

 J found a fine-looking home..

 I had to settle for something of somewhat smaller proportions...

Having food at the pub seemed like a really good idea at the time, and even when they said it might be an hour wait altogether for a table and food to be served we thought we'd manage...But Then I Got Hangry. Which is not a pretty sight. It all got a bit much when every table around us was tucking into their plates of deliciousness and I almost got shouty and so J decided the best option was to remain silent until the food arrived. I think he tried pleasant conversation etc etc but I was too far hangry to return. Thankfully, the food then came and peace was restored. (Although there is no denying that when it was announced that they had run out of peanut butter chocolate cheesecake we almost entered into round two...).

The pub itself is lovely and as British stereotype as they come, roaring fire, wooden beams, local ales and a menu including Sunday roast, pies and gravy and fish and chips and mushy peas. Had J not been feeling slightly pressured to get back to do some revision and had I eaten a snack between breakfast and a 3pm lunch, we could probably have whiled away hours sitting in the cosy pub enjoying Sunday being Sunday. As it is, we had to get back for J to delve back into the medicine books and me to drive three hours home, a complete sad panda because we won't see each other for a WHOLE month. Sob. GOOD LUCK J!

Fish and chips and mushy peas and tartare sauce. Yum. 

A token sunset from my run last night, these lighter evenings are Awesome.


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