Happy Easter 2013!

J is swamped in revision notes with three weeks to go until his finals begin so I celebrated Easter for the two of us with my parents and sister at home. 

Had lovely lovely times and even saw hints of SPRING around the corner! After the coldest Easter on record in the UK, this can only be a very good thing. 

Ate sufficient quantities of Simnel cake (hand marzipanned by yours truly - spacing out 11 marzipan balls evenly is no mean feat...!), cute cupcakes and also enjoyed some less than traditional Easter gin and tonics. 

Little walk revealed the first signs of spring AND the evening ended optimistically tonight with what feels like the first proper sunset of 2013.

So whatever the rhyme or reason for celebration (Jesus/Fertility and New Life/Springtime/good excuse for chocolate.), Happy Easter all round.


Child-like marzipanning - the brown gloop in the middle is fig jam which didn't 'glaze' as expected...

Spring flowers at last

Looking forward to a summer of sunsets with this view.

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