Life Update - Moving House!

Hi guys!

I mentioned briefly in my February Favourites post that we have been very busy lately searching for a new home - I always knew I would be down here on the lovely south coast for only 6 months and the time has flown by! As of the end of March I'll be moving back up to Cambridgeshire with work, but this time we know it's going to be for 18 months at least! J is still working in Leicester for now, but being an hour or so away from each other is a LUXURY compared with three and a half hours each way currently. As of August, he will also be moving work so will be able to move in and we can be happy little homesharers!

We've sort of done a full circle when it comes to relationship/homes. We met whilst living in the same flat in halls at university and then lived together (but with other friends too) for our second year. I then lived in Germany for a year, then in our fourth year we lived a street or two apart. After I graduated, we did Cambridge to Leeds most weekends and then recently we've been doing south coast to Leicester so it will be the end of a pretty lengthy journey to be living back together finally!

I can't wait to move in, be near J and also to start making our flat look and feel like a home. We'll be spending some time gathering furniture and possessions from various locations across the UK - I have stuff at my parents', my grandparents' and two different friends' places - and then we can officially hit the shops for any missing bits!

Apologies in advance if posts become a little sparse - we've got a busy few weeks ahead packing, moving, unpacking and then driving around in hire vans collecting sofas etc but I'll try where I can and will be back at 100% as soon as possible with a lovely flat and lots of natural light and space to get creative with new posts for you!


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