Passion[for]fruit Smoothies

For a couple of weeks we have been playing with making the odd juice, both as a healthy start to the day and a fun way to mix flavours and discover new tastes: I tweeted a apple, pear, carrot and beetroot juice the other day which was good but even with one fairly small beetroot was pretty overwhelmingly earthy-flavoured and beetrooty. Think that one was a learning nevertojuicebeetrootagain. We had more success with a carrot, apple and orange number from the Innocent Juice book. Unfortunately however, I don't have a juicer here (J has one his flat so we juice at weekends only...!) so I am getting keen for smoothies instead. Jamie Oliver did an (adorable) video on smoothies and got me down to Tesco to buy some frozen fruit. It really is SUCH an easy way to eat fruit and also to make more exotic smoothies without paying a fortune for fresh ingredients. Tonight I feasted on a gorgeous pink smoothie of frozen mixed berries (cherry, raspberry, strawberry and various colouredcurrants) and fresh banana. Took me three seconds to make and two to devour! All I used were the fruit pieces and semi-skimmed milk, no yogurt or ice cream or juice. Really clean and really healthy. Nom.

I think this whole bag was around £1.50? It will easily make 10 smoothies - take that Innocent £2-a-tiny-bottle!
Handful of frozen mixed berries = cools AND flavours
The smoothie staple - banana
I think fruit + milk came to around 300ml, you can always add more milk if it's too thick (butsmoothiesareneverreallytoothick)
Starting to turn a pretty awesome colour...
Fresh, healthy and so delicious.
Really unattractive photo but it sure was tasty!

You likely cannot see in the above photo but there is one significant downside to these taste sensations - hello raspberry seeds ALL UP IN MY TEETH! Argh.


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