Saturday Style Sessions - Spontaneous Special Treat

Hi guys! This week I had a moment of hedonistic spontaneity and decided on the spot that, for the second time in my life, and for no particular occasion, I wanted to get my nails done.

I tinker with nail polish and love having nicely painted nails but lack the patience and left-handed-control to do a good job. And even when I do it well I still manage to chip it all off in a matter of hours. So in my excitable moment I rang a local beautician up and managed to secure a slot!

I got a Shellac manicure and was all set on getting a nice pale pink that would just look like I had lovely, neat manicured nails. But then I got there and the amazing palette of colours got the better of me! So out I walk with fluorescent, almost neon orange-coral nails....ANDILOVETHEM.


Naked nails.

Uneven, flaky nails and BAD cuticles!



The colour was Shellac Tropix and I think number 17... 

We'll see how long they last, I'm trying to be extra careful and gentle with everything but I can only keep it up so long! Any tips on how to prolong wear? Also, I'm slightly concerned about the whole getting them off situation... Advice VERY welcome!

Enjoying wandering around London today, post on my little adventure to follow :).

Have a lovely weekend and thanks for reading!


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